Last week a customer asked us 'why do  you seem to be different to a normal business?"
It got me thinking, and wondering what a 'normal' business is like.
I came to the conclusion that a 'normal' business  has their products produced in a factory and has a warehouse full of stock ready to be picked,packed and posted. It's automated and it's impersonal.
Then I concluded that indeed - we are not a 'normal' business.
Every product we make is designed, handmade, hand potted and hand picked and packed by our team both at HideAWAY HQ and in the homes of the talented artisans who work with us.
In order to have the freshest and most amazing products we can, we make as we go with many products, so in times of high sales we are working additional hours and days to get everything made as well as out  to you as fast as possible.
We are a very small team - Mum's with families, children who have school activities, grandchildren to love, and parents who may not have the best of health, all those things that all of us face in life and all the time trying to do our very best for our customers too. I guess what I'm saying is this is not a 'normal' business because we are people - not machines. We like it that way and we hope you can see the love from our people in our passion for our products. It's important to us that we bring a smile to your face and that you enjoy the beauty of what we bring to you.
We are very open to improvement ideas so if you think there's anything else we could do to improve we are more than willing to take ideas on board. Drop us a line at and we'll respond as soon as we are able to.
have a happy Monday!
Wendy & the team at hideAWAY