Welcome Welcome Welcome!!! to Lucy and 19 others who have been selected to become testers for our new hideAWAY products!  Welcome to all our hideAWAY friends and family!

We were thrilled with a fabulous response to our call for testers and thank each one of you who put your hand up. We are so excited to tell you that there are lots more products in the works!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain (don't worry it will be a condensed version) the thinking behind this new '"Tester Team" initiative so everyone understands the processes we will go through.

HideAWAY is a constant hub of new ideas whether they be from myself, our inhouse team or our offsite artisans. If we come up with something we feel passionate about, in the past we've taken the road of developing recipes, comparing and rating it ourselves, sharing with friends and family and then running with it IF it meets all the necessary criteria to become a part of the hideAWAY range.

As we've grown we feel we want and need the value of more input from our customers, more guidance on what they want so we can work with you for the future of fabulous hideAWAY creations. This is where you come in!

Some people think I make (or claim to make) every product produced by hideAWAY ......WRONG!  There's no way 1 person could do all this !

HideAWAY is a vehicle for my creativity and ALSO other talented home based artisans within Australia  who are hand selected to work with us. Lots of producers want to create products for us but don't get the tick of approval as we only want the best for you. Don't worry, you never see those products as they don't make it to our website. We DO have a close band of wonderful hideAWAY family who are AMAZEBALLS CREATIVE and we love being the vehicle for them to create and grow their skills and talents, while we bring innovative, deliciously fragrant and beautiful products out to YOU. 

Anyway! Our selected testers will be sent new products periodically and also sent a link to a survey to complete when they have tried it. If a selected tester doesn't compete the survey, then that tester will be replaced with another for the next test. 

We collect all the data on opinions of the product - the good the bad and the ugly and from there will fine tune recipes to eliminate any perceived negatives and highlight any perceived positives.   Simples!!

If the product is then deemed to get the tick of approval, we then work on packaging, price points, all the normal steps in product introduction and then start producing to introduce to you - our wonderful customers :-)

Hideaway Laundry Powder and Laundry Crystals are both currently at the testing stage with our new "Testing Team" and we can't wait to see the responses to these items!

Have a fabulous day everyone and thanks for reading!

Wendy xx