Join in the efforts to care for our beaches!

Sunday, April 30 at 8 AM - 10 AM,  meet at Dorothy Anderson Park, 417 Oceanic Drive, Wurtulla QLD

Ocean Crusaders will be facilitating a sponsored beach clean up of the main beach between Wurtulla & Bokrina Beach on the Sunshine Coast, removing any foreign matter to protect our wildlife from suffocation and/or ingestion. Come along and join us as many hands make light work. Provided will be bags, gloves and tongs along with cold drinks for refreshment.

We are SO EXCITED to be a part of this initiative and hope that any of you in the area at the time can help out with this fantastic endeavour!

Throughout the world’s oceans lurks a silent killer. It will outlive us, outswim us, and threatens to undo us. The predator is plastic and it’s floating in an ocean near you. We’ve all seen plastic bottles in our creeks, bays and harbours, or uncovered a grocery bag in the sand at the beach. They’re adding up to one big problem for our seas. Our ocean is becoming a plastic soup and our sea life is choking on the contents.

Millions of tonnes of rubbish enter the world’s oceans each year. This plastic pollution rides the ocean’s currents and reaches the furthest corners of our seas. Plastic is now even in the Antarctic wilderness.

Unlike naturally-based paper or glass, plastic never truly goes away; it just breaks down into smaller pieces. That means that every piece of plastic you and I have ever used is still around today. The vast majority of the plastics in our seas come from our urban areas, from our streets.

  • Almost 90% of the marine debris found on Sydney’s beaches is plastic, mostly bottles, caps and straws.
  • Australians buy 600 million litres of bottled water a year.
  • We use 10 million plastic bags a day (that's 3.9 billion plastic bags a year)!

This is a global problem, with a truly local solution. We can turn our plastic addiction around. Plastic packaging is a recent craze - a fast fix. It’s unnecessary, unsustainable and must become unacceptable. We must change our habits and break the deadly cycle.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society

Help us to make our beaches the special places that we enjoyed, for the next generation. Use biodegradable plastic when you must as we do, and always think of the effect on the environment before buying/using products.


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