HideAWAY is very proud to have helped with the restoration of Whitsunday Sailing Club’s launching area at Airlie Beach following the dstruction of cyclone Debbie.

The junior sailor designated launch area was devastated by Debbie.  Today’s junior sailors will hopefully be tomorrows ocean ambassadors helping to look after the oceans and beaches that they will have enjoyed as small children. This motivated us to offer financial help in the cleanup and restoration.

Whitsunday Sailing Club have written to us these heartfelt words

Thank you very much for your kind donation to assist with refurbishment of the beach here at Whitsunday Sailing Club.   We have an active junior sailing program going at the club, and this has been substantially affected by the effects of the cyclone.  Unfortunately, the timing was very difficult for us, as this was just prior to our biggest Off the Beach junior sailing event of the year, our annual “Sail Airlie” Easter regatta.  Last year we had in excess of 75 boats attending; this year that was reduced to 46 boats.

 A lot of effort was put in by members and contractors to get the area available for the regatta, and there are still many items yet to be repaired.

Your donation will go a long way toward the cost of cleaning up the beach prior to the regatta.