21 August 2018

It's been a while since we updated here and our hideAWAY team has grown!  here's just some of the gang that bring you your favourite fruity/yummy/desserty/flowery/masculine and kids inspired hideAWAY creations!

We have LOADS more fun and tantalising ideas we are working on and these AMAZING people are a huge part of what makes hideAWAY tick over every day to bring you the orders.

How much did you all LOVE bubblegum? Wow that was a real winner fragrance! If you have ideas for more amazing fragrances we can bring to you then be sure to let us know on our socials or to our email at orders@hideaway.online

Keep your eyes on full alert for an amazing new fragrance to be launched by the fantastic Ashy Bines on August 26th. This one is my personal favourite and I cannot wait to bring you the full range in it! Wonder if anyone can guess what it is?

Talk Soon!

Wendy x