Q: How long does the soap or the whipped soap last?

A: This is one of those questions where the answer can be – how long is a piece of string?  Some of our customers say our soap lasts too long – they like to finish  so they can start  a new one!  It all depends on how you use it.   Hand made soap is generally softer than commercial soap due to the process and ingredients.  However, commercial soap may not have the same benefits as a well balanced handmade soap bar.

To make your soap last longer:

  • Use a soap dish that has good drainage – hand made soap is rich in natural glycerine, so good for your skin but does not like to sit in a puddle of water. 
  • Try to keep your soap dry between uses. 
  • Make sure the soap is not under the spray of the shower.
  • Buy four bars of soap; start using one and keep the other three in a cool dark place – soap does become harder as it ages (the one time we do approve of putting your soaps amongst your socks!).  When you have one left, buy four more – that way you won’t every be out of soap!

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?

A: Whipped Soap: unopened - 12-18 months
Body Wash: unopened - 6 months
Sugar Scrub: unopened - 6-8 months
Body Custard: unopened - 8-12 months
Bath Bombs: unopened - 6 months
Body Butter Oil: unopened - 6 months
Glycerine Soap Bars: 12-18 months
Cold Pressed Soap Bars: up to 30 years

Q: I just received my order and some items are missing (or incorrect or damaged) what should I do?

A: Please be sure to read our full terms and conditions to refresh yourself on our processes. Then, if you need any further questions answered or action from us, email orders@hideaway.online and state your name and order number and a full description of the issue including photos if appropriate. Our team will be happy to help you.

Q: I have problem skin (itchy, dry, and sensitive) is there a particular product you recommend?

A: A natural byproduct of the soap making process is glycerin. Glycerin is a skin moisturiser, emollient (skin softener) and a humectant (draws moisture to it). When made traditionally, soap contains glycerin which hydrates the skin while bathing.

Commercially-produced (or store-bought) soaps are commonly processed to extract the glycerine. The removed glycerin is then manufactured in other profitable products such as lotions and creams. Soap without glycerin is harsh and drying; using it can lead to excessively dry, itchy and ashy skin.

Soap manufactured for mass distribution contains synthetic ingredients that are cheap to fabricate in a lab. Unfortunately, these artificial ingredients are DISASTROUS for our endocrine, immune, reproductive and respiratory systems, not to mention what they do to our skin. 

Many of these toxic materials,  have known side effects such as dermatitis (skin rashes) and eczema. Many of these toxins are (in our opinion) foolishly added to soap to produce desired results such as increased lather, stability and creaminess.

Q: How do I use the Whipped Soap?

A: Scoop a little whipped soap into your hand or onto a sponge in the shower and gently lather it on damp skin. Rinse and pat dry. You can also use it as a bubble bath; just add a small amount to running water when you are filling your bath. To use whipped soap to shave your legs, dampen the skin and apply a thin layer to the area to be shaved. Rinse and pat dry.

Q: How do I use the Lip Scrub?

A: Wet your lips and the area around your lips. Scoop out a small amount of lip scrub. Gently exfoliate the lip area in circular motion until the sugar has dissolved. Rinse well and pat dry.

Q: How often should I use your facial bars?

A: Everyone’s skin is different but we recommend starting by using the facial bars once a day. If you find that is too much, you can also try using it 2 or 3 times a week.

Q: How natural are your fragrance oils?

A: Our fragrance oils consist of many aromatic ingredients, some natural and some synthetic, blended to perfumers' specifications. Natural components are extracted from plants or flowers and synthetic components are manufactured from man-made materials. Our fragrances contain synthetic ingredients to optimise quality true to life results.  Essential oils  alone are not stable, do not blend well with many other ingredients and do not give you a good scent throw. Our fragrances are therefore a combination of essential oils and synthetics.  

Q: Do you have an option to pick up rather than post?

A: Sorry! Currently we do not

Q: Are there any opportunities to sell Hideaway products wholesale/retail?

A: Sorry! Currently no, we are way to busy trying to keep up with our own customers!

Q: Do your soaps have Lye in them?

A: It’s great to have the opportunity to chat about this common misconception. It’s actually impossible to make soap without Lye as an ingredient. Once the process of Saponification is complete, the Lye and Oil Molecules have combined and chemically changed into soap and Glycerine.  So the answer is no - the soap does not have lye in it - but yes, lye was used in the chemical process to create it.

Q: How do I know if my order has been processed?

A: We send you the tracking number via email so that you can check the progress of your delivery .

Q: How long will it take for my soaps to arrive?

A: It depends on where you live and what shipping option you use. We send a shipping confirmation and/or tracking number email for each order.

Q: Do you take Pre-Orders?

A: We have trialed a pre-order system in the past but it wasn’t successful so we are rethinking it. 

Q: Are all your soaps Vegan? Natural? Organic?

A: Here at hideAWAY we try to suit as many of our customers as possible so have some vegan, some not (including some luxurious goats milk soaps from happy farmed goats) . Please read the ingredients for individual items. We keep as natural and organic or close to as possible in the production of our products to bring ethical, effective and pleasing lines to our customers.

Q: My Child ate some of your product, What should I do?

Moisturizing lotions and creams are considered to be minimally toxic. Ingestion of a mouthful or less may cause a mild laxative effect. Give the child a few sips of water. Observe for symptoms. We strongly advise to Call your local Poison Center for further advice as the calls are answered by Pharmacists specially trained in toxicology and the provision of poisons information.

Australian Poison Control Helpline: Call 13 11 26
New Zealand Poison Control Helpline: Call 0800 POISON (0800 764 766)
USA Poison Control Helpline: Call 1-800-222-1222

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