1st July 2018

Hi to all our Happy hideAWAY family! It's been an incredibly busy few months and we hope that you've enjoyed our new products as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you!

To recap a few... Lychee Sorbet and Frooty Loops Whipped Soaps have both been runaway successes with so many of you writing positive comments to us. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that! Our Charcoal bathbombs are selling out the day the are ready to go and our recent dinosaurs were just as much in demand! If you haven't tried our Serenity Soak bathsalts yet - do yourself a favour - they make for bathtime bliss!

Our bathbombs have been going crazy with too many new editions to mention but we have more new ideas on the way and we can't wait to feature them in the months to come!

hideAWAY is doing lots behind the scenes to expand including upgrades coming to the website, new labelling coming soon and new team members to help keep us as the #1 Whipped Soap and Body Custard producer in Australia as well as arguably the Australian company with the biggest choice of bath bombs.

We have more family joining us at HQ for the year ahead and we look forward to bringing you more new fragrances, more new products and continued A1 customer service. Happy EOFY everyone and if you managed to snag some bargains in our EOFY sale we will have them posted off to you in the next few days!

Wendy xx

15 March 2018

Welcome Welcome Welcome!!! to Lucy and 19 others who have been selected to become testers for our new hideAWAY products!  Welcome to all our hideAWAY friends and family!

We were thrilled with a fabulous response to our call for testers and thank each one of you who put your hand up. We are so excited to tell you that there are lots more products in the works!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain (don't worry it will be a condensed version) the thinking behind this new '"Tester Team" initiative so everyone understands the processes we will go through.

HideAWAY is a constant hub of new ideas whether they be from myself, our inhouse team or our offsite artisans. If we come up with something we feel passionate about, in the past we've taken the road of developing recipes, comparing and rating it ourselves, sharing with friends and family and then running with it IF it meets all the necessary criteria to become a part of the hideAWAY range.

As we've grown we feel we want and need the value of more input from our customers, more guidance on what they want so we can work with you for the future of fabulous hideAWAY creations. This is where you come in!

Some people think I make (or claim to make) every product produced by hideAWAY ......WRONG!  There's no way 1 person could do all this !

HideAWAY is a vehicle for my creativity and ALSO other talented home based artisans within Australia  who are hand selected to work with us. Lots of producers want to create products for us but don't get the tick of approval as we only want the best for you. Don't worry, you never see those products as they don't make it to our website. We DO have a close band of wonderful hideAWAY family who are AMAZEBALLS CREATIVE and we love being the vehicle for them to create and grow their skills and talents, while we bring innovative, deliciously fragrant and beautiful products out to YOU. 

Anyway! Our selected testers will be sent new products periodically and also sent a link to a survey to complete when they have tried it. If a selected tester doesn't compete the survey, then that tester will be replaced with another for the next test. 

We collect all the data on opinions of the product - the good the bad and the ugly and from there will fine tune recipes to eliminate any perceived negatives and highlight any perceived positives.   Simples!!

If the product is then deemed to get the tick of approval, we then work on packaging, price points, all the normal steps in product introduction and then start producing to introduce to you - our wonderful customers :-)

Hideaway Laundry Powder and Laundry Crystals are both currently at the testing stage with our new "Testing Team" and we can't wait to see the responses to these items!

Have a fabulous day everyone and thanks for reading!

Wendy xx


13 March 2018

Today's a special day today - it's my first baby's birthday! Happy Birthday to my first true, all encompassing and selfless love. I am so proud of you Matt and thank you for every day of joy you and your sister and brother have given me.

I'm home recovering from some surgery and that makes it a great time to pause, reflect, rejoice in the life I have, and be thankful for the past 31 years with my amazing children.

I've set up a special code just for today to celebrate my joy so the first 31 customers who read this today will be able to use HAPPY31 for a 31% discount storewide.

Have a great day everyone and hug your family - tell them you love them. Life's short so embrace every moment!

Wendy xx


26 January 2018

Happy Australia Day Everyone!

We've been so busy that we haven't posted much news over the past couple of months, but we hope you are enjoying your long weekend (here in Australia) and are happy to offer you the code AUSSIE15 for a 15% storewide discount  all this weekend! Free gift for the first 500 orders too!

We've recently been proud to help sponsor a joint @phreshink x @livinorg CHARITY EVENT in January where $8303.50 was raised.


LIVIN is all about living your life at the top and destroying the stigma that is attached to mental illness. Connecting, supporting and encouraging one another to talk about their feelings, issues and challenges because “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”. Out with the old and in with the new, LIVIN is here to shake things up and make it okay to speak up and seek help in the 21st century. No judgement, just sheer compassion and understanding. Through education programs and awareness initiatives, LIVIN will launch a generational change.  Let’s unite to help our brothers and sisters start LIVIN again. Join the movement.

HideAWAY has plans to give more to programs like this in 2018 - please contact us at if you know an organisation that we might be able to work with to promote awareness and education for mental health and/or online bullying.


We hope 2018 has started well for you all and look forward to bringing you more fun fragrant and colourful products this year!


01 November 2017

Meet our newest addition "Boobies" - and for the month of November we will be donating $1 from every pair sold to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation and Movember Foundation have together funded research that will reduce deaths in men's and women's cancers, prostate and breast cancer, for a better tomorrow.

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime so get behind us getting behind this worthy cause and help raise funds for the aim of ZERO deaths from breast cancer by the year 2030

15 September 2017

hello hideAWAY friends and family!

It's been a hectic month for the hideAWAY team with some exciting new products and more in development!

If you are able, please join in our cleanup of Green Island on Sunday Sept 17th

It's time to clean up our backyard. Green Island (Moreton Bay) can probably lay claim to being visited by more marine debris than people. So take a few hours to join us in visiting this beautiful island and make a difference by picking up some debris. 
The meeting point on the mainland wil be on the waterfront opposite the IGA. Look for the Ocean Crusaders Clean Up Signs. Vessels will transfer you to the island where you will be provided with everything you need to clean up. 
All debris will be transferred back to our base on the waterfront where the general public will see the results of our efforts. 
If you have your own vessel and would like to meet us on the island, our island base will be set up on Nick's Point (NW Point). 
As a lot of the island is surrounded with bush and mangrove, please bring solid shoes for the day.
This day is proudly sponsored by Hideaway Handmade (
It should be a fun day as well as providing some much needed help to the environment so see you there if you are able and if not, consider making your own donation to Ocean Crusaders to carry out more of this work.

Thank you to all who have ordered our new MAGIC SPELL - it's been a hit with everyone who has come back to us loving both the whipped soap and the custard. Layering the fragrance certainly sets you up to smell amazing all day long! We just love it when we hear about our customers getting stopped in the street and asked how they smell so amazing! 

Coming soon we have some exciting new products for Halloween and for Christmas - some bound to put smiles on the little ones who receive them. I can't wait til you see the ideas our team have come up with! It's exciting for us to be able to come up with alternatives to make these occasions fun without being jammed pack full of sugar!

We've also go a Natural Goats Milk Liquid soap almost ready for you ... this is just plain beautiful to use, with no added fragrances or colours and all the goodness to leave your hands soft and clean plus safe and nourishing for all skin types including little ones.

Then .... drum roll ... following the success of the collaboration we did with La Bang - we have ANOTHER amazing Nourish Me collaboration coming! I wonder who can guess what fragrance it will be this time?  Not long now until you will know!

Have a great Friday and remember - don't save the special soap for an occasion - use it every day - you deserve it!

Wendy and the hideAWAY team x


19 August 2017

Ramblings of a soapmaker (forgive the saga, you don't have to read it but I felt the need to chat about this so take it or leave it as you choose)

It was recently brought to my attention that someone was disappointed that hideAWAY is "Not vegan free" . This made me smile, puzzled and perplexed all at the same time.

There's a lot to be gained from rational criticism but in this day and age more and more often it seems to me that people love to jump on the keyboard warrior train and complain or criticise - often out of ignorance or what I'll call "sheep syndrome" finding gratification in joining in if someone else has made a complaint publicly.

I just wanted to put it out that my attitude to soap is much like my attitude to people. I like black and I like white, I like every colour in between. I like large and I like small, I like traditional and I like quirky.

Much as I can be friends with you if you are gay or straight, I can enjoy a goats milk soap just as much as a vegan. 

Here at hideAWAY we try to accommodate everyone's soapy tastes. We do strongly believe in looking after our planet and sustainability.  No creatures (human or non human) have been harmed in the testing or production of our products. If you are Vegan - read the ingredients - you'll find we have soaps to suit you. If you prefer 'Vegan free" - we have soaps for you too. 

Peace to all on this wonderful day! I thought you might like the following quote to finish with

“In order to have faith in his own path, he does not need to prove that someone else's path is wrong.” 
― Paulo CoelhoWarrior of the Light

Wendy and the team at hideAWAY

30 July 2017

We have something VERY Exciting coming your way!!  Keep watching to see our limited release coming to you at NOON AEST TOMORROW!!

10 July 2017

Last week a customer asked us 'why do  you seem to be different to a normal business?"
It got me thinking, and wondering what a 'normal' business is like.
I came to the conclusion that a 'normal' business  has their products produced in a factory and has a warehouse full of stock ready to be picked,packed and posted. It's automated and it's impersonal.
Then I concluded that indeed - we are not a 'normal' business.
Every product we make is designed, handmade, hand potted and hand picked and packed by our team both at HideAWAY HQ and in the homes of the talented artisans who work with us.
In order to have the freshest and most amazing products we can, we make as we go with many products, so in times of high sales we are working additional hours and days to get everything made as well as out  to you as fast as possible.
We are a very small team - Mum's with families, children who have school activities, grandchildren to love, and parents who may not have the best of health, all those things that all of us face in life and all the time trying to do our very best for our customers too. I guess what I'm saying is this is not a 'normal' business because we are people - not machines. We like it that way and we hope you can see the love from our people in our passion for our products. It's important to us that we bring a smile to your face and that you enjoy the beauty of what we bring to you.
We are very open to improvement ideas so if you think there's anything else we could do to improve we are more than willing to take ideas on board. Drop us a line at and we'll respond as soon as we are able to.
have a happy Monday!
Wendy & the team at hideAWAY


28 June 2017

Thank you to all our beautiful customers - supporting us means we can support local communities like this!



May 28th 2017

HideAWAY is very proud to have helped with the restoration of Whitsunday Sailing Club’s launching area at Airlie Beach following the dstruction of cyclone Debbie.

The junior sailor designated launch area was devastated by Debbie.  Today’s junior sailors will hopefully be tomorrows ocean ambassadors helping to look after the oceans and beaches that they will have enjoyed as small children. This motivated us to offer financial help in the cleanup and restoration.

Whitsunday Sailing Club have written to us these heartfelt words

Thank you very much for your kind donation to assist with refurbishment of the beach here at Whitsunday Sailing Club.   We have an active junior sailing program going at the club, and this has been substantially affected by the effects of the cyclone.  Unfortunately, the timing was very difficult for us, as this was just prior to our biggest Off the Beach junior sailing event of the year, our annual “Sail Airlie” Easter regatta.  Last year we had in excess of 75 boats attending; this year that was reduced to 46 boats.

 A lot of effort was put in by members and contractors to get the area available for the regatta, and there are still many items yet to be repaired.

Your donation will go a long way toward the cost of cleaning up the beach prior to the regatta.  


 May 26th 2017


Competition Closes on the 8TH of June 2017
The winner will be announced the evening of the 9th June 2017
Per Instagram rules, we must mention this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 16+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's term of use.

Did you know?



Thanks so much to the wonderful volunteers who assisted with our beach cleanup at Wurtulla on Sunday April 30th

Volunteers removed a total of 127kg of debris in under 2 hours.  A massive effort by all. Some of the items removed were
·         13 chairs
·         33 plastic bottles
·         81 glass bottles
·         66 aluminium cans
·         2 ironing boards
Using this data, it is easy to work out that this area is being used by young people to party after dark.  They take down their drinks and chairs and set up camp fires, possibly fishing as well.  This information is provided to Council so that they can ensure there are more beach patrols by either rangers or QPWS. 
Stayed tuned for our next beach effort and many thanks to Ocean Crusaders for facilitating this initiative! We look forward to working with you more.
Check out the article run by the Sunshine Coast Daily on April 21st 2017 

Join in the efforts to care for our beaches!

Sunday, April 30 at 8 AM - 10 AM,  meet at Dorothy Anderson Park, 417 Oceanic Drive, Wurtulla QLD

Ocean Crusaders will be facilitating a sponsored beach clean up of the main beach between Wurtulla & Bokrina Beach on the Sunshine Coast, removing any foreign matter to protect our wildlife from suffocation and/or ingestion. Come along and join us as many hands make light work. Provided will be bags, gloves and tongs along with cold drinks for refreshment.

We are SO EXCITED to be a part of this initiative and hope that any of you in the area at the time can help out with this fantastic endeavour!

Throughout the world’s oceans lurks a silent killer. It will outlive us, outswim us, and threatens to undo us. The predator is plastic and it’s floating in an ocean near you. We’ve all seen plastic bottles in our creeks, bays and harbours, or uncovered a grocery bag in the sand at the beach. They’re adding up to one big problem for our seas. Our ocean is becoming a plastic soup and our sea life is choking on the contents.

Millions of tonnes of rubbish enter the world’s oceans each year. This plastic pollution rides the ocean’s currents and reaches the furthest corners of our seas. Plastic is now even in the Antarctic wilderness.

Unlike naturally-based paper or glass, plastic never truly goes away; it just breaks down into smaller pieces. That means that every piece of plastic you and I have ever used is still around today. The vast majority of the plastics in our seas come from our urban areas, from our streets.

  • Almost 90% of the marine debris found on Sydney’s beaches is plastic, mostly bottles, caps and straws.
  • Australians buy 600 million litres of bottled water a year.
  • We use 10 million plastic bags a day (that's 3.9 billion plastic bags a year)!

This is a global problem, with a truly local solution. We can turn our plastic addiction around. Plastic packaging is a recent craze - a fast fix. It’s unnecessary, unsustainable and must become unacceptable. We must change our habits and break the deadly cycle.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society

Help us to make our beaches the special places that we enjoyed, for the next generation. Use biodegradable plastic when you must as we do, and always think of the effect on the environment before buying/using products.


Ocean Crusaders Logo
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